By Gianna Ricotta

Members of BurstIQ’s Research Foundry include blockchain enthusiasts focused on healthcare, who come from a number of industries and backgrounds. All of our coalition members benefit from Research Foundry, which provides a free utility service and community coalition that has made great strides in the healthcare world.

By Gianna Ricotta

BurstIQ’s Research Foundry comprises a plethora of health-focused blockchain enthusiasts that work alongside companies from startups to global enterprises. Research Foundry is a free utility service for all of BurstIQ’s coalition members and has made great strides in the healthcare world.

In this series, we feature the…

By Tyson Henry

Since its inception, BurstIQ has embraced blockchain technology. We’ve always believed that Blockchain networks enable the connections that can create communities, build markets, and drive positive change in the world of healthcare and a wide range of sectors beyond. …

By Brian Jackson

One of the most widely talked-about topics these days is security, specifically around personal data. You may not realize it, but many companies and organizations, including government departments, hold vast amounts of information on each citizen.

We all like to think that private companies, organizations, and the…


Solving the security and transparency issues with health data. Making it easy to protect, access, connect, and learn. #blockchain #cybersecurity #healthcare

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