Nov 9, 2020

4 min read

BurstIQ and Tech Mahindra-Building a Better Data Bundle

By Amber Hartley

Tech Mahindra has been a leading specialist in digital transformation, consulting, and reengineering services for years. They are widely known for their ability to create helpful strategies for implementing the impact of those strategies. Some of their specialties include cybersecurity, data analytics, testing services, and overall enterprise business solutions.

Cybersecurity has become a massive issue in recent years, with some of the world’s largest corporations succumbing to hackers and threats that compromise identity data and release sensitive personal information. Tech Mahindra is a leader in preventing such disasters.

BurstIQ is a secure data exchange platform that builds trusted identity and health profiles. We understand how important it is to be able to securely share identity data for millions of identity verification processes in banking, healthcare, government services, employment, and more. We also understand the importance of maintaining personal privacy and control as part of these processes. BurstIQ’s global data exchange network is the only blockchain platform that enables both, securely and at scale.

By combining Tech Mahindra’s industry-leading IT and business processes with BurstIQ’s secure data exchange solutions, the companies are able to offer a complete end-to-end service for large enterprises looking to build large-scale identity data networks. Currently, the partnership is focused on two types of identity management: Provider Data Management (PDM) and Identity Data Management (IDM).

A number of sovereign nations and private institutions are pursuing provider management solutions and digital health identities. For example, earlier this year, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched an initiative to digitize every Indian resident’s health records, a move many people believe will revolutionize the country’s health care system. The initiative, published in August as the National Digital Health Mission, aims to streamline health data sharing, increase coordination and transparency, and give people greater control of their patient records and health data.

Under the new system, all citizens, medical professionals, and facilities would have a digital health profile. Doctors’ offices will be able to identify users by their health profile, enhancing privacy, patient care, and efficiency.

A More Secure Way of Doing Things

Tech Mahindra has a vast array of clients, and this partnership is designed to provide them with real solutions for data security.

No matter the industry, connected profiles are the foundation for identity and credential management. The exchange of sensitive and secure information is crucial and requires a securely connected data network. The BurstIQ network provides Tech Mahindra’s clients with that security, allowing sensitive information to be accessed by those who need it while maintaining the data owner’s full control of that data.

Identity data management is incredibly important for almost every industry, including healthcare, life sciences, employment and career management, financial services, education, travel, and government benefits. Millions of identity verifications are performed every day. Letting any piece of sensitive information into the wrong hands could be disastrous for an individual, corporation, or industry as a whole. That’s why Tech Mahindra’s technology and BurstIQ’s advanced blockchain platform can make such an impactful difference in how sensitive information and data is shared and accessed.


The Provider Data Management (PDM) platform being offered by Tech Mahindra and BurstIQ creates a unified and trusted provider profile that serves as a single source of truth for verified provider information. The solution enables real-time data consistency across thousands of enterprise systems, allowing healthcare organizations to increase efficiency, lower costs, and reduce regulatory risk.

Identity Data Management (IDM) creates a similar unified and trusted profile for individuals, enabling organizations to comply with regulatory requirements for individual data ownership, control, and transportability. Exchanging identity data becomes both more secure and more transparent using the highly advanced blockchain technology BurstIQ is known for.

These two services streamline identity verification services, making them safer, scalable, and more transparent than ever before. Real-time data accuracy and instant information accessibility reduces both business and regulatory risk. The ability to verify and exchange attested identity information increases transparency, accountability, and trust.

These streamlined services will help large enterprises save hundreds of millions of dollars, thanks to how efficiently the processes work and how much time and energy they can save — not to mention protecting industries from data breaches or the mishandling of information.

That is indeed the beauty of this partnership. Tech Mahindra boasts award-winning IT services, while BurstIQ is a leader in secure data management and exchange networks. Together, the two are creating more secure connected services for multiple industries globally, making it easier to exchange information safely.

Partnering for Connected Services

The future of connected services is now an exciting reality. We live in a time where connectivity and data security are more critical than ever. This partnership is designed to connect those two crucial components in a transparent, accessible way that will make information more manageable and safer to share across large, disparate systems. While that will be especially helpful in the healthcare and identity industries (especially during these uncertain times), it will work for almost any sector where connected profiles are needed.

The goal of BurstIQ is always to “build the impossible,” and this partnership with Tech Mahindra has allowed us to continue to do that by integrating state-of-the-art technology services with our existing platforms. The result is the future of blockchain security, connected profiles, and data transfer.